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This is a moment that I don’t know if either of us thought would ever come.As we drive up the Mall, we see throngs of people lining the streets, many clapping and waving us on our way.What still concerns them is how I and/or the boys will get away if some incident arises.

The first visible change is the car — a huge armour-plated Jaguar, introduced by the new driver as ‘Pegasus’. I look up and see that a film crew is recording every moment; then, as I jump in, I whack my head on the roof of the car.

It dawns on me that all the hefty armour-plating means the car is effectively soundproofed.

I can see people cheering but it is as though they are miming in slow motion.

Here is my version of what our life was like — from the inside.

Gordon is about to go to Buckingham Palace to take up the office of Prime Minister.

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