Aidan turner and lenora crichlow dating

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The second series began filming in late summer 2009 and started airing in early 2010.

It was eight episodes long, two more episodes than the first series.

So I guess they will s how the remainder of it this year some time, and alas another good show will bite the dust for me.

Why can they not keep fantasy/horror going is beyond me.

fame) about a pair of friends: Mitchell, a Friendly Neighborhood Vampire; and George, a geeky and uptight Wolfman.

They already work together, as a porter and cleaner at a hospital, but decide to get a place together, thinking that it will help them set up the routine and structure each of them needs to overcome their curses and live as normally as possible.

In 2013, for the fifth series, after all the original cast had left, the show was completely retooled with three entirely new leads, still following the same formula of male vampire and werewolf living with a female ghost.

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Sinead Keenan (who plays Nina, the girlfriend of George, the werewolf) recalls that, when her agent told her she’d be auditioning for a show about a werewolf, a ghost and a vampire, she replied, ‘Right. ‘Being made a werewolf changes George’s life: he has to try to fit in, to find his place,’ says Tovey, 28, whose best-known other role was in Alan Bennett’s The History Boys (the play and the film).

Sadly ineffective, and there was something unsettlingly desperate in it.

Cassie is a shy college girl who wants to be accepted by others, but is only truly loved by her best friend Thelma.

At any rate, it evidently paid off: soon afterwards, the BBC quietly dropped Phoo Action and commissioned Being Human instead.

‘What the BBC couldn’t have predicted,’ says Whithouse, who also wrote the 2006 School Reunion episode of Doctor Who, ‘is that the show delivered a specific type of audience the BBC had been trying to attract for a long time, and suddenly here they were, kind of presenting themselves to the BBC: mobilised, internet-savvy, committed.’ And in most cases – perhaps more significantly – young.

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