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We had our apartment and were crazy in love—at least it felt that way. We each had roommates who were screwing their way through most of the men on campus.

Johnny was gone a lot; I was young and horny, got lonely and figured that picking up with Jane would not really be cheating since Jane was not a man. Therefore, on any given Saturday night we would likely be together in one of our rooms while one roommate screwed her latest in the other room and the other roommate stayed over at her boyfriend's. So different from a man, yet intensely erotic and satisfying.

"Is that a statement or a come on," I asked, with just a hint of humor. Although, we each dated men, we never minded when both of us ended up together on a Saturday.

Funny as it seems, we rarely screwed each other on any other day.

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And, the final lesson...everything comes with a price tag.All was going swimmingly until I felt I ought to come clean with Pete; not wanting to play out the same mistake I made with Johnny. I tried to dissuade him, but he insisted and said it would only be one time.I asked Susie and she was not keen on the idea, but she was very keen on eating my pussy and, if I may say so with some humility, she definitely did not want to give up me eating her pussy.Neither of us had boyfriends, and, cliché that it is, one thing led to another and we were soon helping each other to reach orgasm nirvana. Even when we more or less found boyfriends, we kept up our lovemaking.I never told Johnny about it when he and I started dating and never raised the subject after we were married.

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