Dating egypt for sex

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I would appreciate her honesty in telling me, but how do I know she won’t do this again?

In a hypothetical sense, if my son one day confessed to doing this I would be furious, but I would have to calm myself down and talk to him. However, if it were my daughter, I would go straight to the man and make him marry her; lazem nelem el mawdoo3 3alatool.

I don’t know; it’s difficult to imagine this situation.It makes a huge difference in the decision-making if people know about it or not.If it was out love then there would be a discussion, but if it was lust then where’s the self-control?If I were with a girl and she confessed that she did this before, I don’t know how I would react.If she understands that this is wrong, then God forgives and I will forgive her as well, as long as she feels guilty about what she’s done.

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