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However, Sunday’s initial fallout concerned the retirement due to injury of the shock 40-1 Epsom hero Wings of Eagles, who badly fractured a sesamoid when finishing third to his stable companion the day before. “He pulled out very sore this morning and when the lads X-rayed him his sesamoid had completely come apart. We’re sorry to lose him because he was unusual in that he stayed very well but quickened very well. The champion trainer indicated his 12th Irish Derby hero will get a midsummer break and Capri is as low as 3-1 for September’s St Leger at Doncaster.

O’Brien was speaking at the Curragh’s Sunday fixture where the derby postmortem continued.

As a life long racing Capri fan, I would like to discuss the most successful (arguably) series of Mk3 Capris built for competition, in numbers at least.

CC Racing (latterly CC Motorsport) run by Dave Cook and the late Pete Clark built and ran a lot of the Capris for customers that competed in British and European Grp 1 touring car racing from 1977-82, cars which then went onto various club racing series like Mod saloons in the UK.

“I thought there was a good atmosphere and there are practical issues that make it important we race here. The reconstruction of the Curragh was always going to cause some difficulties because so much of the flat fixture list is built around it,” Kavanagh added.

The failure of Saturday’s crowd to even reach the 6,000 limit was attributed by Curragh chief executive Derek Mc Grath to fewer Association of Irish Racecourses card holders than expected showing up for the big day.

off the top of my head the list of customers would be: Gordon Spice - 2 cars plus Spa 24 hrs car Vince Woodman 1 new car each year with the old one going to Jonathon Buncombe Jeff Allam Peter Lovett Colin Vandervill They had no opposition untill Andy Rouse set up on his own and produced a competitive car but by then the TWR Rovers became the car to have then the 635 which was also run by CC Build time was in the region of 300 hrs according to Autosport interview with the team. Other guys to have run MK3's towards the end of Grp 1 were Nick Whitting, Dave Brodie, Gery Marshall, Graham Goode, Yogi Muir (plus others?? I'm not sure if they were self build or CC built cars? I think Gerry's prodsaloons were built by Richard Asquith, i don't know if the Grp1 cars were - i seem to remember him mentioning Roger Dowson or somebody at one point?

I wonder were Gerry's and Graham's cars built from new of were they purchased from an exisitng prep firm like CC?

I’d like to look at that because there was a lot of space at the west end of the track.Some are still competing today: David Thomas has an ex Gordon Spice CC car that Brian Chatfield may have later owned.Ric Wood runs a modified 4 litre car, (not sure of origins) There is an ex Vince Woodman CC Esso car CC20, that Brian Chatfield definitely later owned that was restored by Ric Wood but the current owner is not currently competing it.The planning conditions are for the temporary facilities as they are. He echoed John Magnier’s comments after Capri’s success about the importance of the Curragh’s mile-and-a-half course.The Coolmore supremo said he was sure that neither the English runner-up Cracksman, or the French hope Waldgeist, who finished fourth, would have run in the derby if it had been run elsewhere.

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