Friends setting you up dating

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I learned the next morning that the date went well.

Typically, I'm so nosy I can't help myself, but in this case I didn't really want to know all the dirty details.

If a pair you set up eventually calls it quits, that isn't your fault just because you were close to the situation at the start (especially if you've followed the rules and backed off after the initial intro).

But Golden optimistically reminds us that when setups go right, they are amazing — so it's worth a shot.

"Even if it is helpful, be very careful in the delivery," she warns.

In my situation, I found myself justifying one friend's poor behavior just to make the other friend feel better about the fact that it wasn't working out.

The good news is, even though it didn't totally go as planned, we're all still friends.

Perhaps the best advice for anyone trying to set up their friends is to not take it personally if it's not a love connection — or if the singles involved would rather not give it a try.

As things progressed, I was put in a pickle: I had one friend sharing detailed feelings about the relationship, while the other was being vague and stingy with the intel.

Finally, you can look for love without the superficial swipes.

If you’re playing matchmaker, simply sign on with Facebook and select two friends.

If all your friends are single, and tend to gripe about how hard is to meet someone, it can be very tempting to want to put on your Yenta cap and get involved.

Personally, I have a mental rolodex of my single friends' "types," in hopes that eventually I'll be able to match them with other single people I know.

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