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If a parent is not going to speak openly with their son about sex, a son will cobble together his own understanding from sources that may not be appropriate.

First, there are a few basic truths to put on the table when talking to a son about sex.

A condom may protect from pregnancy, but it can’t protect from regret.

So our sons need to be careful about rushing in and losing their virginity, and they need to be careful about taking another person’s virginity.

A boy needs to ask himself, and his partner needs to ask themself, whether they will be able to bask in the glow of pleasant memories after having sex, or whether they might be haunted by regrets.It's the conversation parents have to have; but talking to your son about sex can be both difficult and embarrassing. In this exclusive book extract, Dr Tim Hawkes reveals how you can navigate your way with ease.The birds-and-bees chat is a must between parent and son.This is particularly important in relation to losing one’s virginity.Understandably, this is an experience that most want to remember with some fondness.

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