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The job sounds perfect: a live-in caretaker for a ranch in Ohio.

But just as soon as he is hired, he disappears - and he isn't the first.

Compelling stories that keep viewers guessing until the final chapter.

Bad Blood is a fast paced series chronicling shamed family members who have betrayed and committed murder against their loved ones.

Suddenly, an online terror campaign against his 17-year old son ensues, leading police to wonder who wants to hurt the Hornsteins, and why?

After a troubled childhood, Christina Long's life seems to be on the up and up-- she is a popular honor student and cheerleader.

As the weeks progress, Jamie enters a dark world that will shatter her dreams and change the life of her unborn child forever.

Recovering from an abusive relationship, Amber looks for love on a popular dating site.

Now living with her beloved Aunt Shelly, Christina is a popular honor student and cheerleader.

Unemployed David Pauley applies to a Craigslist ad offering a tantalizing lifeline just as the recession hits.

But when her online life is revealed, it tells a more tragic story.

Lonely teen Jessica Sacco turns to the internet to find other so-called ' Juggalos' who share her interests in edgy music.

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