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A strange bug that continues to persist in i OS for i Phone mysteriously causes all phone contacts to suddenly disappear from the Phone app on the device.

Most users will never experience the missing contacts bug, but it can be disconcerting if encountered.

“You now have the ability to add and edit contacts right from Outlook on i OS and Android,” a post to the Office Blogs notes.

But at the time, the ETA was a vague “coming soon.” But on August 7, Microsoft quietly updated its June announcement to note that it was available. Thankfully, Mary Jo Foley called it out today on Twitter. First, contact editing works only for and Office 365 accounts right now. Related to this change, Microsoft has also updated the contact card that displays in Office for Android and i OS.

This is because it is rare that the i Phone contacts are actually gone, it’s just that a bug has prevented them from showing up, and the associations from i Cloud need to be intact and the phone rebooted to get things to show properly again.

There are some exceedingly rare scenarios where the contacts may be gone completely, usually by deliberate action by a user, and if you run into that type of scenario then you can recover deleted contacts by following this guide.

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The last commands are essential because it joins all of the Outlook contacts together into a single v Card file that can then be easily imported into i OS and the i Phone.However, once I’ve saved an closed this form, I can’t seem to get back to it anymore.When I double click on a contact in the Contacts folder, it opens a contact card which only list a few of the details which I can edit and a Notes section.But would prefer that it be transparent as I like have my background change daily.And I am having issues with it updating when I make changes in Outlook (2016), will check with tech support.

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