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She also tweeted a photo of her and friends holding a banner they had made saying: 'We love you Craig!!!

#MACWEDDING' outside a concert in Birmingham, in March.

Sophie had previously said that her fiance thought she was 'bonkers' and had 'no chance' of getting the rapper to their wedding - so decided to prove him wrong.

In footage shared on the radio station's Facebook page, David can be seen speaking to presenters Stav Davidson, Abby Coleman, Matt Acton and Osher Gunsberg when they inform him there's a fan on the phone.

‘I said: “I know nothing about this apart from doing it in the lavatory . On November 9, 1979, he writes: ‘I lost my temper with idiot Parsons who said (after a sally of mine had no response): “Well, the audience didn’t think that was very funny, did they? Unbelievable to see someone going on and on & imagining that it was all so fascinating.

” and I retorted: “And with what relish you greet the failure! The sheer conceit of it was daunting to watch.’He adds that watching it was ‘a deeply depressing experience which highlighted the over-weening arrogance in a persona fighting self-dislike to a point of absurd pathos’. It is time to go.’ With hindsight, it’s clear that by ‘time to go’ he means ‘time to die’.

The 27-year-old has been tweeting him since July 2016, after she saw him perform while on holiday in Marbella.

Sophie sent him a tweet calling him 'amazing' and inviting him to play at her special day, which he favourited but did not respond to.

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She has since messaged him every single day and says she tries to be witty with her messages The office manager, who met her 28-year-old recruitment consultant fiancé at a club in Birmingham eight years ago, says: 'You're a very hard man to get hold of.'Craig David reveals he has seen the tweets and Sophie, who got engaged in the Cayman Islands, in February last year, explains that she's a massive fan.

‘The further you go in this profession the more you realise its utter hollowness — “the looking glass world” where the values are simply those of either fashion or the market place and little else matters at all.’His descriptions of his weekly appearances on Radio 4’s humorous panel game Just A Minute also see-saw between delight and disgust. What one will stoop to in order to make them giggle!

On February 18, 1978, the chairman, Nicholas Parsons, has given him the subject of paper tearing. ’When not turning on himself, Williams turns on others.

Year after year, he appeared on endless chat shows and quiz shows, provoking the audiences to howl with laughter.

He would then go back to his flat filled with self-revulsion.

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